Plastic products that are not only durable but versatile and can be fully customized to what you like. Plastic products sure to make a lasting impression on clients.

Plastic business cards

Durable plastic business cards that can be fully customized and will be sure to make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Date Finder Wheels

Easily plan out long term projects without the annoyance of choosing specific dates for completing various parts of a project.

Calendar Cards

Advertise your brand message while helping your clients stay organized all year round with custom plastic calendar cards.

Plastic Badges

Provide a safe & secure environment for guests. They're also a nice keepsake to remember their experience at your event.

Parking Tags

Allow guests attending your event access to parking, while still maintaining added security and making it easier to do it.

Profit Calculators

Allow your sales force to quickly determine how much a product should sell for to attain a certain profit.

Choose from a variety of shapes like square,circle,triangle, and rectangle to make your project stand out more, even customize the shape to fit the type of business you have and make it that much more unique.

Even choose from a number of styles to add some flare to your marketing materials, we offer a number of styles like solid, clear, tinted(frosted), die cut, gloss, and matte.

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Custom plastic printing.Make a lasting impression.